OUR      COMPANY They say, “These jewels have life in them: their colours speak, say what words fail of”. This thought has been our guiding force at Ashok Jewels. We ensure that each of our stones encompass your lives with exuberance by themselves or then by the symphonic jewellery, we create of these beautiful, eye-catching notes. A family run legacy expanding fifty years and our never ending ‘quest for excellence’, ensure we build long lasting relationships with our clients and associates. 9.01 cts “Muzo Columbian Emerald” No-oil sitting in between collection marquise diamonds is treasured in family collection. OUR      HERITAGE The fluorescence of the red hued stones caught the fancy of young Rajkumar ji Chordia, an entrepreneur at heart with a vision in mind. He found himself travelling to Burma to procure these expensive gemstones. The brilliance of his farsightedness, teamed with his understanding of local demand and his zeal to deliver, led to the foundation of Ashok Jewels. His legacy, today, has been passed onto his son, Ashok and two grandsons, Abhay and Akshay, astute businessmen themselves. This is further exemplified by Ashok Jewels’ growing laurels. Fine Zambian Emerald antique beads 624.87 cts is now a trophy possesion of a top brand in the world. ABOUT US We at Ashok Jewels, today, are known for more. We used to be gemstone traders but today we are a vertically integrated company, that sources, processes and exports gemstones apart from manufacturing jewelry with presence in more than 40 countries. It is aptly said that,“At Ashok Jewels, we work with gold that holds history, diamonds that see the future, and rubies that long for love.” AWARDS Our ‘quest for excellence’ is never ending and our growing laurels are statement to it. We have received many accolades at different levels, the following of few of them - At the International Level - ACTUALIDAD excellence in business management,(Madrid, Spain)
At the National Level – On several occasions, we have been the humble recipients of the State’s highest export awared given by GJEPC and the most coveted award at the national level.
At the State Level –
✓ We have been awarded the Status Holder ‘Export House” twelve times in a row.
✓ Gold Card Certification
✓ ISO Certification 9001:2015
✓ “Udyog” Excellence Award.
✓ Several honours by Jaipur Jewellers Association.
TEAM Ashok Jewels' years of experience has resulted in nurturing long-standing associations with artisans, designers, floor managers, administrators who have acquired skills through generational experience, this coupled with the use of state of the art technology by trained experts has only enhanced the whole team in the fast paced luxury market, thereby making them synonymous with ‘Par excellence’.  ASHOK    CHORDIA Ashok Chordia heads the family run business as its Chairman. A widely respected individual in the industry, he has been the key force behind Ashok Jewels’ progressive recognition and expansion globally. Born and educated in Jaipur, Ashok went on to complete his Bachelor’s in Commerce and post-graduation in Law from the prestigious Rajasthan University. As a child, he took keen interest in the wondrous stones brought in, the art of working on them and the transformation into beautiful jewellery. His travels world over added to his fascination towards the trade and in time he partook his place in Ashok Jewels. His keen interest in stones and the art of jewellery making have played a pivotal role in shaping Ashok Jewels current stand in the industry and the years to come. He has always emphasised on the need to think from the customers perspective and perfection, the need to feel and emote from the opposite end to deliver soul touching work. He believes the Jewellery industry is heading towards an interesting transition where it’s essential to pay attention to the growing as well as changing trends, mere classics and repetition would not hold fast in the customer sensitive market.  ABHAY    CHORDIA Abhay Chordia has taken his rightful seat beside his father as the Managing Director of Ashok Jewels. He too has done his Batchelor’s in Commerce and Post-Graduation in Law from the Rajasthan University alongside being an alumnus of the renowned Harvard Business School. He has spent his growing years sharing his father’s interest for the business. His key strength as a strategist and an avid traveller, has made him instrumental in setting up the overseas operations leading to the growing strength of offices for Ashok Jewels.  AKSHAY    CHORDIA Akshay Chordia, like his father and brother, completed his Batchelor’s in Commerce from the Rajasthan University and went onto the prestigious Symbiosis to complete his MBA. As the Executive Director of Ashok Jewels, he is well versed with the intricacies of the industry. He has a vast understanding of gemstones, both precious and semi-precious, in natural and processed state. Hence, making him pivotal in expanding the gemstone business at both levels, nationally and globally. He is a well-recognised face at all trade shows and exhibitions related to the gemstone business internationally.  DEEPAK    JAIN Deepak Jain, a commerce graduate, has been with Ashok Jewels for over a decade. He has immense knowledge in machinery and processes related to making jewellery. This understanding helps Ashok Jewels stay updated with the fast evolving jewellery manufacturing industry. He forms an integral part of the team participating in jewellery shows held globally.  AMAN    CHHAJLANI Aman Chhajlani, a commerce graduate, has been with Ashok Jewels for over seven years. He has been thoroughly trained in understanding gemstones, specially the Diamond. Additionally, he has immense understanding of the growing list of customers returning to Ashok Jewels, hence making him an asset consulting with the in house team of designers. He also plays an integral role in the global marketing of the jewellery, alongside the procurement of gemstones, mainly diamonds.  ARUN    VYAS Arun Vyas, a mechanical engineer with an MBA from the prestigious IIM Ahmedabad. He is well versed with the national and international markets, having worked in some renowned international corporations in various capacities. His experience of over 35 years in operations, sales and marketing and P&L management, has made him an integral part of Ashok Jewels. He oversees operations in the Jewellery section of the Ashok Jewels.  VISHAL    KARNAWAT Vishal Karnawat, a commerce graduate with an MBA, has been long associated with Ashok Jewels for the past 16 years. He has gradually risen, having worked in all its business related sections. Hence his role in handling business from the European market make him an asset.  ASHWANI    PUROHIT Ashwani Purohit, a graduate from the Jodhpur University. His expertise is in retailing, having spent over twenty years in the trade. He has an excellent understanding of the local customer, making him an asset in the retail expansion for Ashok Jewels. Currently, he oversees the retail operations of the Ashok Jewels showroom in Jodhpur EXPERTISE SOURCING Our experience in the industry, has helped us at Ashok Jewels, to cultivate long lasting relationships with the some of the finest ethically mined gemstone suppliers worldover. Various mines located at, but not limited to, Mozambique, Zambia, Sierra Leone, Columbia, USA, Brazil, Argentina, Turkey, Thailand are major source of our stones. We follow all the prevalent protocols for the sourcing of gemstones and make sure the sourcing companies employ a willing,stress free and content labour force along with the required certification. Thereby, ensuring our clientele a direct link to the source of their gemstones. We strongly advocate that our clients deserve the finest gemstones available. CUT &         POLISH We are passionate about our product, and are recognized as experts in the art of ‘Lapidary’ or cutting and polishing of gemstones. Our team is committed to ethically translating each rough mineral into a piece of desirable artwork based on skill and precision, that have been honed through generations andspecialized training. 4.02 cts Pigeon-blood Ruby ready to shine in one of Ashok Jewels lapidry. DESIGN Jewelry Design, today, doesn’t concentrate on regional or traditional patterns, it is global and constantly evolving. Keeping this in mind, we collaborate to bring in the best talents from world over. They form an integral part of our in-house design team. We believe that, "Styles come and go. Good designs are everlasting ". CRAFTSMANSHIP They say, “When a 30 year old craftsman uses his father’s or grandfather’s tools whilst manufacturing jewelry, his experience is equivalent to the age of the tool”. This adage has found place in the very essence of Ashok Jewels. We have grown like a family, watched generations pass on their skills to their kin, and our creations exude every bit of it. DIAMONDS Dealing in certified (Gia/Hrd/Igi), non certified solitaires, production sizes fancy shapes & rose cut diamonds. 15.02 D-Flawless Gia Emerald cut Diamond caught the attention of an Arab royale. EMERALDS Be it Zambian, Colombian Russian or Brazilian mines we cut all from lowest to the best, we do Cut, Beads & Caps. A massive 42.85 cts Eye clean Zambian Emerald marquise. RUBIES Carrying stock of Mozambique & Burmese production sizes to large single pieces. Burning sun as 6.81 cts Burma-No Heat. SAPPHIRES Originating from Australia - Madagascar - Sri Lankan & from Kashmir, Dealing in above from production sizes to single pieces, matching pairs & layouts - Cut, Cabs and Beads. Eyes as 14.02 cts perfect matching pair of Silom Royale Blue Sapphire pear pair. SEMI       PRECIOUS Tanzanites / Aquamarines / Blue Topaz / Amethyst - Citrine and many more colors from most prominent sources of world in all forms. Fancy special cuts ready to be shipped to a top brand of Italy. 22K GOLD       JEWELLERY Various collections, all hallmarked for retail operations. 18K GOLD  JEWELLERY Studded with Precious. Semi Precious & Diamonds, We make fine jewellery with high investment grade stones. 14K / 10K / 9K GOLD       JEWELLERY Our more affordable collection with more vibrant range. SILVER       JEWELLERY Precious & Semi Precious stones studded with 925 silver jewellery. Sold over 20,000 pieces, rejuvenating one's faith in the Lord. OPERATIONS WHOLESALE Our wholesale operates at two levels. On one side, we have an established network of procuring the best quality stones. We then process these, to be sold globally apart from being used in manufacturing our own line of jewellery. Additionally, we create exquisite jewellery with global appeal, which are in turn sold to other retailers at wholesale prices. EXPORTS &       IMPORTS Brain storming with an old friend/client from Japan. RETAIL Jewellery has been part of the Indian culture for centuries however today it has gone beyond festive occasions. Retailers are asked to show daily wear, corporate, bridal wear related jewellery among many. The economic growth has resulted in a clientele with better understanding and requirement for it. This has resulted in retailers stepping beyond their comfort zone and experimenting with designs and methods. Our in house design team is multi talented to meet the expectation of retailers. TRADE       EXHIBHITIONS
Beijing, China * Beijing International Jewelry Fair (April)   Istanbul, Turkey * Istanbul Jewelry Show (March)
        * Istanbul Jewelry Show (October)
Hongkong * HKTDC Hong Kong International Jewellery Show (March)   Las Vegas, USA * JCK Las Vegas (June)
  * Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair (June)      
  * AsiaWorld - Expo (September)   Tucson, USA * JOGS Tucson Gem and Jewelry Show (September)
  * Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, Wanchai (September)      
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